Biology seems to be the most popular of the three Sciences. Students find it easier to do from Form 3. Also it is a requirement for Medicine, Environment and other Biological Sciences at University. It requires not only completion of the syllabus but extensive reading to excel at Biology since the examination test more of the higher skills of evaluation, handling and application of the facts and theories.

CXC has concerns about inadequate:

1. Knowledge of the specifics of biological concepts

2. Data analysis and identification of trends

3 Drawings to represent biological specimens

4. Spelling of names of biological processes and events

5. Data representation and methods of investigation

6. Practical work and repetition of results to produce reliable averages

7. Attention to grammar, quality of expression

8. Details when reporting procedures and observations.

SpiSE has developed teaching strategies that specifically address these concerns and their success is shown in the results for the examinations both at CSEC and CAPE.

Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC)

The syllabus is taught over 2 years commencing in Form 4. After each topic is taught a written test is given and the results are sent to parents. A student who fails to attain 60% is asked to repeat the topic a specified number of times. To enter Form 5 the student must pass a qualifying exam. Past papers are done to time from January to April of Form 5. The average of these results has allowed SpiSE to accurately predict the grade attained for CSEC.

Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE)

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