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100% Passes SEA, CSEC & CAPE

The average results since 1989 are: 100% prediction of grades, 100% passes, 80% distinctions for Biology, Physics, and Chemistry at both CXC/CSEC and A level/CAPE. 100% passes for Common Entrance/SEA. In general thorough in-depth teaching of the syllabus and application of the independent study, revision and examination techniques they have learnt has meant only ill health has prevented SpiSE students from excelling from primary school all the way through to a PhD.

SpiSE Ltd has 20+ years of comments from students. At the end of each Form 5 and Upper 6 class students are asked to assess the methods used. It is significant that the vast majority say what helped most are: a) repetition of the material ; b) coming on Sundays when there are no distractions and they cannot leave until they can show that they have understood and learnt the material; c) marking tests using detailed marking schemes; this helped them to appreciate the need for detail, good English and presentation.


The emphasis on how to study, revision and examination skills including past paper analysis helped at every stage. Discussion of scientific and social issues has helped a lot in my professional life. The open discussions encouraged the development of thought.

(Past student from Primary to A level. 1st choice at Common Entrance, distinctions for Biology, Chemistry & Physics at CXC, University College of London Path Finder Scholar, M.Sc (Physics), Geophysicist based in London)

Repetition of topics I found difficult helped to increase my concentration. The insistence on the development of thinking and research skills.

(Past student from Primary to A level. 1st choice at Common Entrance, distinctions in Biology, Chemistry and Physics at CXC, National Scholarship Winner, First Class Honours in Engineering, UWI. Distinction in M.Sc, Loughborough University)

From the beginning the way the notes were written for Lower 6 meant that I had to think, I could not just read them. You did not spoon feed us. This meant that we had to analyse, think critically, hypothesize, test the hypothesis and then come to a conclusion. This helped me in medical school when we did problem based learning and it also helped when I did the research for the DM.

(Past Student, Form 6. MB BS, UWI. Consultant, DM)

My daughter graduated with Honors , Bachelor of Science, Chemistry. She has been accepted by Cornell University to do a PhD commencing in September 2012. She could not have done it without you.

(Parent of Form 6 student).

Oh God Miss, I have to go to my lectures at University, I cannot take on the pages and pages of notes other students write. They seem to have to write every word the lecturer says.

(Past student from Primary to CXC level. University Graduate)

I prayed for a teacher who would be dedicated and patient with my son.

(Parent of Form 4 student)

The dedication, which means that you persist until a student thoroughly understands a difficult topic.

(Parent of Form 4 student)

Do you own shares in fast food outlets? My third son who came to you for Common Entrance Science was the only one of my sons to go into the examination smiling. In class you had discussed strategy for the exam and what they were going to do after. It helped him to be relaxed.

(Parent of Primary Science Student. Her son got his first choice)

I thought having to read further and prepare second files was stupidness in Forms 4-5. You and my teacher in school taught well enough. I started to see the point in Lower 6 and I really got it in Upper 6.

(Past student from Form 4 to Upper 6. Distinctions in Chemistry & Physics at CXC, National Scholarship Winner, First Class Honours in Engineering at UWI)

You taught me more than Chemistry. You taught me to persevere.

(Past student, CXC to A level. National Scholarship Winner. Medical Student)

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