Primary Mathematics. Standard 2-5

In 2018 SpiSE has responded to changes in the demand for Standard 2-5 lessons by concentrating on Primary Maths. The demand for Maths has been strengthened by the changes in the SEA 2019 requirements. Dr Gabriel has developed an excellent tutoring system which means that it is normal for the students who do the work to get 100% in tests for Standard 2-4 and their first choice for SEA.

Elements of the SpiSE Primary Maths Tutorial System

1. Student's individual needs are identified during the initial consultation with both parent and student. These are based on the analysis of the student's written work.

2. The classes are small so strategies to meet each student's identified needs are used.

3. The syllabus for Standards 2-5 is covered thoroughly. The pace is dictated by the student's mastery of each topic.

4. Mastery of Tables in Standard 2-4. They are practised daily using methods which ensure that the student learns to think Mathematically.

5. Individual attention is available by appointment. Students can request such assistance for topics done by the tutor or in school. This must be done at least 36 hours before the class.

6. Dr Gabriel works patiently with each student until weaknesses are turned into strengths.

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