Chemistry is called the "central science". A knowledge of it is required for Biology & Physics at higher levels. It is both qualitative and quantitative. It involves significant memory work because symbols for elements and radicals must be learnt and then formulae for chemicals. Working systematically through a calculation, concentrating on the Chemistry rather than just blindly substituting into an equation is also needed.

CXC has concerns about inadequate:

1. Distinction between closely related concepts.

2. The correct use of chemical names for substances.

3. Balancing equations, both molecular and ionic

4. Understanding of concepts linked to practical procedures which students should have performed or seen demonstrated.

5. Thinking in hypothetical terms

6. Interpretation of chemical reactions

7. Reading and plotting of graphs.

Basically any thing that requires careful attention to detail and thinking is done badly.

SpiSE has developed techniques which concentrate specifically on making sure that its students have no problems in these areas. It is simply good Chemistry to do so. With the support of the parents SpiSE persists, using repetition and coming on Sundays as necessary, until the student has a deep understanding of the concepts, principles, balancing equations etc.

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