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Welcome. Thank you for contacting us. Since 1989 SpiSE has formed strong partnerships with parents which has ensured that their children excelled from Primary School to University. Our record is 100% passes at SEA, CSEC & CAPE. It is normal for the students who do the work to get their first choice for SEA and Grade 1 for CSEC & CAPE. This starts with a free consultation with parent(s) and student which identifies clear strategies that lead to best performance. Coming does not commit you to using our services.

We normally reply on the same day, within hours if not minutes

SpiSE Classes are small, never more than 10. Individual attention is guaranteed. Exceptionally it considers taking students one-on-one. We have blended classes i.e. both online and in-person.

Standards 2-5: Primary Mathematics

Forms 1-3: Integrated Science

Forms 4- Upper 6: Biology, Chemistry & Physics

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