Vacation Classes.

Vacation classes are an integral part of the SpiSE tutoring system. It is aimed at strengthening individual weaknesses and laying a sound basis for the coming term. One week in the vacation is equivalent to 20 in the term, since it is 40 hours in the vacation and 2 in the term. Used wisely students can thoroughly enjoy the vacation and improve their academic performance.

Form 3-6 Chemistry & Physics.

The vacation provides an opportunity to do extensive practical work. SpiSE has a teaching laboratory which it has used successfully for years. Doing practicals, drawing diagrams and graphs, and, writing in the accepted scientific manner are all practiced. The number and scope of topics covered are determined by the student's progress. Weak topics are patiently repeated until they are mastered. Therefore both practical skills and theoretical understanding are improved.

Duration: July -August. Monday - Friday. 8:00 - 16:00.

Primary Maths. Standards 2-5.

SpiSE has found that it is best to start the syllabus for Standard 2-4 during the vacation. It aims to complete the syllabus for SEA by September of Standard 5 and from October to December revise thoroughly concentrating on student's weaknesses. For the Standard 2-4 students particular attention is paid to their work with Tables, Fractions, and Geometry. A lot of practical work with counting objects, shapes, and fractions is done. Their handwriting is also tackled. Basically, all their weak areas which are more difficult to tackle during the term are covered.

Duration: July - August. Monday - Friday. 8:00 - 16:00

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